Why Staycationplan?

If you have booked a break in the UK or ‘Staycation’ the next thing is to arrange insurance for your trip. Here is why we think Staycationplan is the best for you and your travelling party.

Get cover for your deposit

If you need to cancel your trip, you are likely to lose your deposit for any accommodation you have booked – as soon as you have a Staycationplan policy in place, this is protected.

Need to cancel (including if you fall ill with COVID-19)? No need to worry

Say you or a member of your party falls ill (including from COVID-19), have an accident or are prevented from travelling. You may not be entitled to any refund under the terms of your rental contract. With Staycationplan, this is covered. There is no need to lose your money on top of missing out on a holiday. Likewise, if you need to cut a trip short, Staycationplan kicks in, so at least you can claim back the part of the trip you have to miss.

No medical screening

There is a short medical warranty and excess calculation we need all individuals to agree to prior to taking out a policy. However, no screening is required for pre-existing medical conditions. The price of your policy is based purely on the total cost of your trip.

Staycationplan does not cover claims where at the time of booking your journey, taking out this insurance or paying any further balance or instalments:

1. The insured person:

  • is aware of any set of circumstances which could reasonably have been expected to give rise to a claim; or
  • has suffered from a chronic or recurring medical condition during the previous 12 months UNLESS permission is obtained from the treating doctor of fitness to travel at the time of booking; or
  • is travelling against the advice of a doctor or a medical professional such as your dentist or where they would have been if they had sought their advice before beginning the journey; or
  • knows that they will need treatment or consultation at any medical facility during the journey; or
  • is travelling for the purpose of obtaining and/or receiving any elective surgery, procedure or hospital treatment.

2. The person whose condition gives rise to a claim:

  • is receiving, or on a waiting list for treatment in a hospital or nursing home; or
  • is awaiting the results of any tests or investigations; or
  • has been given a terminal prognosis.

If the insured person has an existing medical condition for which consultation or treatment has been received during the 6 months prior to the date of issue of the policy, the excesses under Loss of Deposit, Cancellation/Curtailment and Medical repatriation & other expenses are increased from £40 to £80.

Cover for all ages

Many insurers refuse to offer cover to anyone over a given age or charge a large premium to do so. With Staycationplan there is no upper age limit. Parents, children, grandparents … even great-grandparents are all covered for your UK break. Book a trip for all the family with peace of mind.

Premiums based on the total cost of your holiday

As Staycationplan premiums are calculated according to the cost of your trip – and no other factor – you only pay for what you need. Also, the premium covers the whole holiday, not per-person. So you know exactly what the cost will be for everyone.

Reduce Your Excess to Zero

For an additional premium, you can have the standard claims excesses (not the increased excess due to an existing medical condition) deleted.

We cover you while you are away, too.

We have everything for your peace of mind before you travel … and lots to give you confidence after you set off:

Medical Repatriation and Other Expenses

An advantage of a UK break or ‘Staycation’ is that if you have an accident or fall ill, the NHS is there to help, so medical emergency expenses are not your top concern. In saying that, being away from home there are other considerations, which is where we can give you peace of mind: If an incident requires that one of your party must stay put, Staycationplan will provide for 1 relative to stay on in the area with the affected party, or for another close relative to visit. There is also inconvenience benefit for the time spent in a hospital, and of course, cover for the cost of getting home once discharged.

And much more…

Travel disruption, personal possessions & money, accidental death & disability benefit, personal liability, unexpected events. You have all the crucial areas of cover in one simple and convenient policy. To see everything that is covered we have put it into one convenient summary table.

As with all insurance products, terms & conditions apply – always read the insurance policy for full criteria.